Moshimoshi.. 🧚 Along with the increase in the number of students, it will impact the housing needs near the related universities. One of the causes is there are some immigrants that come to related tertiary institutions for study. Rugg, in Nurdini 2012 stated that the students will live in temporary locations as a part of leaving their parents.

Number of Indonesian Students
Indonesia has big numbers population that also in accordance with the numbers of students here. The college student is one thing that has a big opportunity as the market target of the real estate business. 

In 2018, Indonesia had more than 7 million inhabitants as new college students. It was the highest number of new college students in Indonesian history. With these numbers, any real estate business can’t turn away from making their potential customers. They have some differences in the preferences while choosing the best place to stay while studying. 

Behind the Difference in Preferences
The background of each student, especially the value and socio-demographic give the biggest impact on their needs. It can also be based on their gender, level of study, and regional origin because each region also has a different habit. All of these backgrounds cause the fulfillment of these housing types in various typologies along with their respective characteristics. 

Giving several housing choices based on the student’s preferences is important to attract them. It is because they will improve their needs with the changing of the trends from time to time. The students’ preferences are important because they will give comfortability and it also creates the market differentiator. 

Studying and understanding the students’ preferences will be important for the residence provider. It can help them to create and improve the best facility for the specific target. But still, in accordance with the type of residence that they want to build. 

Four Different Types of Students’ Residence
When we build a students’ residence, we did not only build a house or small room where they living. According to Nurdini (Sakina dan Kusuma, 2016), in Indonesia there are 4 types of students’ residences based on the procurement process. We will talk about it more below, here we go!

1. House

A house is defined as a residential building that standing on a certain territory without any building else near it. The owner usually leased partly for the students or it can also lease the whole house for them. 

2. A Pavilion
Different from the house, a pavilion is an additional building that stands near the main building in one area. That pavilion also stands on the same lot as the building where the owner lives, it is in the same area. The owner is not using that building for herself and then opens it for rent to the students near them.

3. Boarding Building
As we know, a boarding building is available in almost every area with the university in the whole world. Not only in Indonesia, this building is also available in other countries because it is the students’ favorite. A boarding building is a building where the owner specially built for rent. The students only rent one room from the whole building and they live close together. 

4. An Apartment

Different from the three buildings before, we can say that this is the most suitable room for the students. Apartments are medium and high-rise residential buildings that provide a variety of room units. All rooms in that building usually equipped with various facilities like a kitchen and bathroom. The students usually rent or buy one specific room in that building based on their needs.

Students’ Preference about Type of Residence
From a long time ago, there are available several researches that talk about human preferences on the type of residence. We will try to gather the most important part of it here so you can easily use it for your considerations while building real estate. Here we go!

1. Facilities
All students put the availability of facilities in the first place while they choose a residence while they’re studying. Some facilities that vital for them are a bathroom, kitchen, furniture, internet, and also a parking area. The availability of those facilities is essential for them because it belongs to their primary needs.

2. Comfortability / Environment
The students will put attention to the environment near the residence because it gives an impact on their comfortability. It is not only about the neighbor’s habits but also about the air circulation, sunlight, and the noise around the place. A residence should be the last place to come and it should be comfortable because we will take a rest there. 

3. Interaction
Some students put the interaction fellow other residents above all. This is because they want to have someone that they can trust in a foreign environment. We often see some students will choose the residence according to their closest friends or even their family. It is because they know where to go when they meet some difficult time on the residence.

4. Atmosphere
Another important thing that used to be students’ preference while choosing a residence is the atmosphere. We know that some areas have a different atmosphere. For example, they are not interested in an area that is notorious for its theft. The students need a better atmosphere like a place that will make them feel safe and also comfortable.

5. Cost
As we know, some of the students still pay their rent with their parents’ money and the cost is important for them. They will be thinking about receiving a good place with less money before they decided where to stay. Giving the best facilities at a reasonable price is one thing that you should put attention to. 

7. Location
Last but not least is the location that will also be associated with the accessibility of the residence. Usually, some students will choose a residence located near their school or universities. But you should also put attention to the accessibility of other factors like laundry, restaurants, malls, and so on. 

So there are several students’ preferences while they want to choose one residence where they will stay at. If you want to start a business in the real estate business, you can choose students as your target market. Make sure you put all these preferences to build the best residence so you can get higher profits.