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Moshimoshi.. 🧚 Shapewear has had a big comeback in the past. And they have really become definitively a must-have fashion accessory in everyone’s closet, thanks to celebrities, influencers, etc.  
But if you have no idea what shapewear actually is, we will explain it to you. Shapewear is a type of smoothing underwear. And it is usually worn under dresses or any other outfit that is form-fitting. We say usually because you can actually wear it under any other of your clothes.
It will aim to smooth your visible bumps or lumps, creating a fluid and also smooth silhouette. Thanks to the use of boning, compression, and paneling, as well as tight spandex fabrics, wholesale shapewear, is going to be able to hold your body in while giving you a sculptured and altered figure.

It is always important to know that there are different types of shapewear. And each one will tackle a different body part or those parts you might consider problematic. For example, you can find tummy flattering pants. These pants are usually like regular pants but they are high-waisted and have extra control over the tummy area.
Then there’s thigh and hip control shapewear. These aim to smooth your love handles or hip dips.Which will end up creating a fluid hourglass silhouette. There are also corsets, which tend to be more expensive.They aim to cinch your waist. Also usually worn under very tight dresses.
Then we have wholesale waist trainers. They are actually very similar to corsets. They imply regular wear so they can actually shrink the size of your waist in a permanent way. You can also find shaping bodysuits, which usually resemble a swimsuit and are typically worn under any outfit that will smooth bumps and lumps.

And finally, there’s seamless shapewear.  This is the perfect solution when you are wearing thin materials and wish to hide any visible pant lines or cellulite. It offers both not only a smoothing effect but also hides skin imperfections that are visible through the materials.
But the real question is if shapewear actually works. And the answer is, yes and shapewear will help you feel more secure of yourself. It also has some benefits. For example, it will hide cellulite. As the fabric that is used on shapewear is usually spandex or nylon, they will conceal any visible cellulite, skin, or other body imperfections.

It also will flatten your stomach. It will instantly conceal your stomach area and help you fit into your clothes normally. Of course, it creates sculpted hourglass figures. The spandex material shapewear is made will cinch your body in the right places to give you your dream hourglass shape.
Also, it will help you to be more confident, especially when you are wearing form-fitting or tight clothes. It is also great for the postpartum body. If you wear it regularly, it can improve your posture too. As your waist appears more cinched, it can make your butt appear fuller.

If you are plus-sized, it will also smooth out any rolls. It can also conceal the appearance of loose skin if you have recently had major weight loss. And finally, it can de-age your body effectively.
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